Fitting a workout into your busy schedule isn’t always convenient, but the DSPTCH Gym/Work bag makes it easier than ever.

This bag was designed with the working professional in mind. No one should have to haul around a bunch of bags just to maintain good personal health and a professional attitude. The gym/work bag from DSPTCH puts everything you need into one handsome and comfortable case.

So how do you keep your smelly sneakers away from your favorite coffee mug? The secret is in the design. The gym/work bag is compartmentalized into different pockets and pouches so that all of your valuables and workout gear fit snugly and safely.


The laptop compartment is on the side of the bag and fits up to a 15-inch slim computer. Extra padding guarantees protection from the bumps and bangs of a busy schedule. The bag is also lined with moisture-resistant nylon, so you won’t have to worry about spills or bringing the bag into the gym locker room.

And your gym shoes? A ventilated, mesh panel on the side of the bag opens to reveal a separate compartment for shoes, so they won’t come into contact with anything else in your bag. This area comfortably fits shoes up to a men’s size 13 and won’t leave them smelly or damp.


The main compartment of the gym/work bag is sealed with a secure zipper, which opens to ample space for any work-related needs. On the inner wall you’ll find a separate pocket for a water bottle and on the floor of the bag is a hidden compartment. This is the perfect place to store a passport while traveling or extra cash if you’re out and about.

The gym/work bag includes a shoulder pad for comfortable carrying and is protected by a lifetime guarantee.

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