The rich walnut design and snazzy LED display might be a conversation starter, but the real benefit of the Awair Air Quality Monitor is in its sharp detection of impurities in the air in your home.

Do you have any idea what’s in the air you breathe? Maybe it’s best we don’t know about every little particle we vacuum up with each inhale, but some things floating around out there are worth knowing about. The dangers of CO2 are scary, sure, but if you’ve been feeling under the weather, suffering from allergies, or fatigued, it may be the result of some other airborne culprit.


The Awair Air Quality Monitor can help make your home safer and healthier by analyzing the air quality and revealing the unseen. Here are some of the things it can detect.

  • CO2
  • VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds, e.g. hairspray, glue, chemical products)
  • Particulate Matter (dust levels)

In addition, the Awair Air Quality Monitor measures the temperature and humidity levels and displays the time on its LED display.

Once the monitor starts reading, you can take control over the air in your home by using the Awair app. The Awair Air Quality Monitor is WIFI ready, so you can check the air quality in your house at anytime. The app will help you regulate your air quality by providing helpful advice on how to return your levels to normal. It’s also super responsive, so if anything changes in your air quality, you’ll be notified immediately.


The Awair Air Quality Monitor contains an IFTTT channel and is smart home ready, meaning you can link your Awair monitor to other devices in your house. For example, if Awair detects a rise in temperature or humidity, you can set it to automatically turn on your air conditioning. Alexa compatibility is coming soon!

The Awair Air Quality Monitor is compact, handcrafted, and made from 100% toxin-free materials. Each unit comes with a 1-year warranty.

Breathe better with Awair here.